Sharon E. Conway

Attorney at Law


Corporate Formation and Maintenance

Sharon Conway has been forming and maintaining corporate entities since she was licensed in 1989. Most companies Ms. Conway forms are Texas entities (S-corps, C-corps, LLCs, and limited partnerships), but she has also formed and/or maintained Nevada and Colorado entities, as well as entities or ventures with entities in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Nigeria in coordination with local counsel in those countries. While forming a corporation may seem to be a simple process, corporate executives and owners should be aware that many rules and regulations exist that affect how the corporation may be governed. Cumulative voting, preemptive voting rights, common and preferred stock, and other matters can be vital to the manner in which the company is run, and can affect the future growth and "saleability" of the company.

Ensuring proper corporate formation and maintaining proper corporate records may seem to be minor details, but several years from now when that large company is seeking to buy your firm and the potential buyer starts conducting its due diligence, you certainly want your potential buyer to know that you properly maintained your corporate records. The state of your company's corporate records can be a reflection on management and can make or break a major deal. Faulty corporate records can also cost you dearly when you lose that financing package. Sharon Conway can get you started on the right track and keep you going, or can put your existing corporate records in order and ensure your company projects a professional image.

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