Sharon E. Conway

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Plain English

A key complaint often made about lawyers by clients has been that lawyers tend to use language in contracts and other documents that only lawyers understand.  Ms. Conway’s undergraduate degree is in English, with a specialization in technical writing.  She uses this special knowledge in drafting legal documents to make them understandable by all persons. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission has mandated “plain English” for some documents, and the business world is also trending more and more towards “plain English.”  Studies show judges prefer plain English.  Clients prefer plain English.  While some words have specific, specialized meanings and are helpful from a legal aspect to have in your documents (for example, the term “consideration” in a contract), other “lawyer” words like “herein,” “whereas,” and “said” are completely unnecessary and Ms. Conway never includes the latter word types in any documents she prepares. 

If a business finds itself in a position where it must ensure enforcement of a contract’s terms, a well-written document that can be understood by a judge, jury, mediator, or arbitrator puts the business in a very strong position.  Ms. Conway firmly believes that her clients should be able to understand the documents that she prepares and she makes every effort to accomplish this goal.

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