Sharon E. Conway

Attorney at Law


Private Offerings / Venture Capital / Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate entities raise money and grow their businesses through various means - public offerings of stocks and debt, private investment of funds, venture capital investments, merging with other companies or acquiring other companies (or being acquired), and selling assets (or purchasing them). Sharon Conway can assist your company with the legal aspects of all of these types of transactions. She can help you ensure that your stock and/or debt offering meets the criteria for exemption from public registration if that is your company's goal. If an IPO or secondary public offering of registered stock is your company's goal, she can coordinate those efforts for you and assist with the SEC compliance requirements. Plain English is being requested by the SEC and by clients alike. Ms. Conway is a strong supporter of the "plain English" movement and makes the extra effort to draft understandable documents while still maintaining the necessary legal integrity. She has also had significant experience with venture capital firms and can explain and negotiate your company's agreements with these third parties to assist you in obtaining the best arrangement.

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