Sharon E. Conway

Attorney at Law


Business Loan Negotiation and Documentation

When your company is seeking debt funding, many different debt vehicles are available - straight loans, convertible debt, and subordinated debt, to name a few. Sharon Conway has prepared documentation for small loan transactions as well as large transactions - including a $40 million convertible secured credit facility, and a $55 million secured credit facility - and has represented both lenders and borrowers in these types of transactions. Many entities try to save money by negotiating and documenting the transactions themselves, but in the end learn that they missed vital details or that the documentation gives the other party certain rights that were unintended, or missed giving certain rights that were intended.

Having Sharon Conway involved in this process on behalf of your company from the beginning can help your company save money in the long run. She can assist borrowing companies in negotiating favorable financing terms and help you protect and preserve your company's legal rights. Sharon Conway has experience negotiating, drafting, and interpreting these debt financing agreements for her corporate clients. In addition, having Ms. Conway handle these legal matters frees your corporate team to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of running your company and generating profits, for which they are much better suited than attempting to act as their own legal counsel. If you are a lender, Ms. Conway is also very capable of assisting you in negotiating and preparing your loan documentation, including security and guaranties.

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